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Beer Soaked Apple Pie With Cheddar Beer Crust

When it comes to baking, I’m always intrigued by a new spin on an old favorite. Not to say that I don’t fully appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a perfect and well done classic recipe.  I’ll never tire of a traditional, straight forward apple pie with a huge scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice […]

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Chocolate Chip, Stout & Beer Nut Cookies

  If you live in the Los Angeles area, I’m going to need you to do me a favor. I’ve somehow been booked on CBS, Los Angeles mid-day news with a cooking segment this Friday, August 31st. They want me to do a quick Cooking With Beer segment on the news at noon. People will […]

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Brown Butter Grilled Beer Cheese Sandwich

There are some great elements in this world we live in that we beg the universe to some how bring together. Like a Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series Or an episode of The Office directed by Christopher Guest Or Trey Parker have complete creative control over The White House Holiday Card Or a reality show […]

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IPA Ceviche

  As summer nears it’s inevitable end, it’s not the weather that I’ll miss the most. In fact the leather boots and chunky sweaters of colder days are starting to beckon. The produce, back yard grills, the smell of life and food floating on a late afternoon breeze will be lost in the dawning of […]

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Beer Chicken Piccata

Here it is, just like I promised. Beer Chicken Piccata, to go with those beer noodles I made. The first time I ever had Piccata I was a completely broke college student traveling through Italy. And it was cheap. It turned out to be one of the most memorable dishes I had on that trip, […]

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Homemade Beer Pasta

   This is something everyone should do in their lives. Like cliff jumping in Greece, restaurant week in New York City, and watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean. Although making pasta from scratch doesn’t require a passport. Pasta isn’t as hard to make as you think and I have complete faith in your ability […]

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Vanilla Bean Smoked Porter French Toast

It seems so wrong. This urge I have to continually make breakfast with beer. Probably reinforcement of the personality test I took in college in which I scored “surprisingly high” on the Inherent rebellion scale, as noted by the test administrator. Because we, as a society, have decided that we shouldn’t mix alcohol with pre-noon […]

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Beer Steamed Stuffed Artichokes & How to Stuff an Artichoke

  Here’s my artichoke. We’re going to gut him and stuff him with bacon. And then cook him in beer.     The first step is to trim. Start with peeling off a few layers of the outside leaves They’re tough and not very good, don’t feel bad about getting rid of them. And if […]

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Beer Chili & Cheese Dogs for IPA Day

The first Thursday in August is the unofficial holiday of that hoppy beer favorite, the IPA. There may come a day when this becomes a nationally recognized day of appreciation with parades and pageantry, paper decorations and paid holiday leave, but until then we’ll celebrate the Indian Pale Ale with a series of parties, blog posts […]

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