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Pumpkin Ale Cheesecake with Beer Pecan Caramel Sauce

I conducted a very non-sientiffic study on my Facebook page about pumpkin beer. To be honest with you, I have always been a touch hesitant of fruit flavored beer. And although pumpkin is a squash, therefore  not a fruit, it seems to fall under the same umbrella in my mind since I make pies out […]

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Pumpkin Ale Waffles & How To Roast A Pumpkin

 Although most of you are in the giddy early stages of fall, here in Los Angeles it’s still over 90 degrees. So what the rest of the country is referring to as “Fall,” I am calling Pumpkin Season. And to curb my near constant urge to shove as much pumpkin into everything I consume, I […]

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Beer Pretzel Bread Bowls & Oktoberfest

  Although Oktoberfest has morphed into a festival of beer, it began as a celebration of a royal wedding more than 200 years ago. It starts in September, last for 16 days and ends on the first Sunday in October. I can assume that most of you won’t be making it to Munich to participate […]

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The Dirty Girl Scout: Chocolate Mint Beer Float

  This isn’t a recipe. Not really, it’s more like assembly instructions for how to make a float that tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint, but with beer. Boozy, chocolatey, minty. But there really isn’t a recipe involved. Add more ice cream if that’s what you like. Add more beer, if that suits you. […]

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Chocolate Mint Stout Ice Cream

There are two ways to look at this. It’s either the summer death rattle manifesting itself in an ice cream during the first week of fall, or it’s the nexus of the best of summer treats and the best of fall beers joining forces at the perfect moment. For this, I used Bison Chocolate Stout. […]

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Beer Braised Chicken Tacos with Beer Corn Tortillas

  When it seems like your entire life revolves around a food blog, small things make you really excited. Like making homemade tortillas with beer and realizing how much better they are than any other tortilla you’ve ever had. Or getting a shout out from The Cooking Channel as if they knew just how to […]

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Mac And Beer Cheese Soup

  I have a confession to make. Before starting this blog, I tried to make beer cheese soup and failed. I was baffled, at first, but figured out that a combination of my lack of patience (manifesting itself in my cheese dumping rather than slow adding) and a furious boil, resulted in a sloppy mess. […]

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Beer & Bacon Pecan Bars

    Clearly, I’m ready for fall. And in Los Angeles, that just means that Dodgers games are starting to end and I get to wear a light sweater. If I feel like it. Oh, and fall produce. If I haven’t mentioned to you before my favorite part of living in Southern California, its this: […]

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Chili Beer Chicken Wings

    Last Friday I was able to visit the Los Angeles CBS studios. They even let me do a cooking segment. Originally slotted for 4 to 5 minutes, the loved me so much, they let me run to 6 1/2 minutes. Aren’t they great? A few questions threw me off, “Were you in a […]

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