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Hefeweizen Honey Rolls

 I have wandered into a complete obsession with making bread. It started slowly, and really, rather timidly. When I first started, I was afraid of yeast, and a wee bit convinced that it hated me. I threw several mounds of fail dough in the trash after it refused to rise. I learned a few things […]

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IPA Cherry Tart

     To be honest, I haven’t always loved IPA’s. It took me a while, although not as long as resolving my mint aversion, and now I can pretty firmly place myself in that Hop Heads category I used to shy away from. I discover that a dry hopped IPA gives me the delicate flavors […]

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Chocolate Stout and Bacon Skillet Brownies

  I hope you don’t mind my excessive use of stout over the past few weeks, but to be honest I’m really not sorry. I love stouts, I’m  unreasonably excited about stouts being back “in season,” and we are only about 2 weeks away from International Stout Day. I’m geting you all stocked up on […]

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Chocolate Mint Stout Lava Cake

      Let’s talk about mint for a second. If you know me well, you know I have an issue with mint. Although it would be hard to tell, given that I’ve made you Chocolate Porter Brownies with Mint Frosting, Chocolate Mint Stout Ice Cream, and our neighborhood beer float hussy, The Dirty Girl Scout. […]

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Chipotle Stout Sloppy Joe’s Sliders

  I spent a few days up in Napa last month. While I was hanging out at Bear Republic those guys were nice enough to show me around and even let me jump behind the bar. While I was behind the bar, most likely annoyingly in his way, the bar manager asked me what my […]

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Sweet Potato Beer Biscuits With Maple Sage Butter

    I didn’t grow up eating Sweet potatoes. I never saw them on my Thanksgiving table or at Sunday dinner. They just didn’t exist in my world. Until one chilly afternoon in College when I stopped by the dorm room of a Souther friend of mine who had just pulled a Sweet potato, covered […]

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Stove Top Beer And Bacon Mac And Cheese

I’m not a beer snob. To be honest, the term has always rubbed against the grain. I’m a beer fan, a beer lover, a girl fascinated by beer, but I’m not a snob. I spent years on the fringes of the music industry in LA, and the beer snobs I meet now echo those same […]

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Triple Berry Blueberry Beer Cobbler

You inspire me. You really do. One of my favorite moments of my day is reading emails from you, those of you who read my blog and like what I’m doing. And sometimes,the emails have a common theme. A thread that runs through out the world, across the internet, and remind me of how we […]

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Beer Braised Chicken and Hefeweizen Cornmeal Dumpling Soup

Although most of you are starting to pull out those wool sweaters you neatly packed away a few months ago, here in Los Angeles we are in the throws of a record heat wave that drug us into 108 degree heat yesterday. While most of the sane people of LA stayed indoors and avoided the […]

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