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Beer Pizza Dough

Before we continue with my Beer Pizza Dough post, you have to forgive me for the overly moody dough photos. I was trying franticly to get them taken before I lost all of the light (damn daylight saving). But it could be worse, see:  That pizza dough looks like it should be listening to Radiohead […]

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Deep Dish Porter Pecan Pie

The best thing happened on Thanksgiving. Just about 18 hours prior to Turkey Tip-Off, my small gathering of 4 people more than tripled into a 14 person party that ended in cocktails, poker, and eating pie right out of the pan. How great is that? I was happy with the idea of a small gathering, […]

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Beer Cheese Wontons

  This recipe has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, really. It’s my favorite holiday, due in no small part to the fact that it is a day devoted to a gluttonous love of food. And no presents are exchanged. I’m not sure what it is about those present exchanging holidays that makes […]

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Mini Drunken Pumpkin Coconut Pies

  Have you ever served on a jury? I have. A few years ago I was put on a federal case at the Los Angeles court house. The defendant was a smarmy little man who was, without a doubt, about a thousand percent guilty of smuggling 3 million dollars worth of Ecstasy into the country […]

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Creme Brulee Topped Chocolate Stout Brownies & Some Big News

I have some news. If you Follow me on Twitter, you probably already know the Big News. I signed a book deal on Thursday. A publisher has actually decided to pay me to write a cookbook. How amazing is that? Writing a cookbook has long been on my list of goals, and as I somewhat […]

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Beer Battered Mini Corn Dogs with Chipotle Ketchup

  This my friends, is how you do Football Food. It meets all of the requirements to earn a spot on the Football Food Table. These vague and unenforceable requirements include qualities like: fun, as high calorie as possible, no utensils or plates needed, ability to sit at room temperature for hours, AND there are […]

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Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Beer Sauce

    Today is November 6th, Election Day. As Americans spend the day thinking of little else, wedged firmly between Barack and a hard place, I wanted to give you a little motivation to get through this day. We will soon find ourselves at the end of this exhausting Election Season, our feelings of separatism […]

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Salted Chocolate Stout Truffles

  This is totally easy. I promise. At a beer event a few weeks ago, I had a guy call my recipes, “Foodie but accessible. They sounds hard and impressive, but once you read the recipe it’s actually really easy.” I like that. This recipe is the same way. It sounds really hard, making truffles […]

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