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Stout Hot Chocolate with Stout Whipped Cream

I was interviewed by a baking magazine a few weeks ago, because apparently I am the foremost expert on cooking with beer. This was the second interview I’ve done on the subject for a print magazine. One question always gets asked, so I figure some of you might have this same question: “Does the alcohol […]

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Ham And Beer Cheese Sandwiches

Your Holiday Ham leftovers don’t stand a chance. Smothered in delicious beer cheese and served on a leftover dinner roll. And don’t be afraid if your previous beer cheese ventures haven’t gone so well. This one is foolproof, I promise. I’ve cracked the beer cheese code. Mostly for selfish reasons. Regardless of the reason behind […]

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Brown Ale And Cheddar Grits With Pancetta And Crispy Sage

I like homebrewers. Mostly because they give me beer, but also because there is this fascination with flavors and a “What Would This Taste Like?!” attitude that is at the core of every food bloggers culinary soul. I feel like they get me. They have an understanding of why I write down crazy ideas, unexplored […]

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Foolproof Beer Cheese Sauce

To be honest, this post is one hundred percent selfish. Since Friday, I haven’t been able to stop watching the news or reading every bit of online news about the recent tragedy. Therefore, the tears are pretty much a mainstay in my life.   And in my emotionally fragile state, I can’t handle a beer […]

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Black and Tan Cookies: New York Deli Cookies Meet Beer Mixology

Black and Tan cookies. This is the hybrid of that great New York Deli cookies, the Black & White, and the Grandfather of Beer Mixology, the Black & Tan.   Although the Black & Tan, a mixture of stout and pale ale, most often brings to mind a Bass/Guinness marriage, it actually dates back to […]

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Chorizo Egg Breakfast Skillet

There is something about lingering over a long breakfast with those I love that just makes me feel like I did something right. Everyone eats dinner, most of us have a few minutes for lunch, but it’s when we take time to sit and spend “valuable, productive” hours of the day actually tasting our food, […]

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Chocolate Stout Crinkle Cookies

I think I want my next cookbook to be The Chocolate Stout Cookbook. It really is my favorite beer to cook with. Not just for the Christmas Cookie of all Christmas Cookies, it’s also awesome for braising meat with. And even in the dead of summer, in the middle of the Mojave Desert, I’d still […]

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Chipotle Stout and Chorizo Chili Topped with Pork Rinds

  I’m so glad I can share this recipe with you. I’ve been working like a crazy person to develop and test recipes that I fall in love with but I can’t share them with you because I need to save them for the cookbook. And, of course, I’m putting a tremendous amount of pressure […]

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