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Beer and Peach Potpie

  This bowl embodies a bit of culinary contradiction. It’s a bit of soup, and it’s a bit of a dessert, two genres of  menu items that don’t seem to be easily meshed. But I have a love for soupy pies, given to me by a young kid I met in the back of a […]

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Grilled Beer and Buttermilk Chicken with Sriracha Glaze

The above picture is  pretty strong illustration of what I did nearly the entire weekend. Along with spicing up my beer wings, I also made a Sriracha butter for grilled corn. In other news,I ran out of Sriracha. Maybe it’s the new grill that found it’s way into my backyard, or maybe it was eyeing […]

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Chicken and Beer Summer Stew

Recently I read a response that a famous food personality had to the aggressive criticism of what is arguable to the worst food show on TV. She said that people who expect American households to cook with real, whole, unprocessed ingredients just don’t understand how real US households function, that it isn’t realistic to expect […]

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Warm Duck Fat Roasted Potato Salad with IPA Mustard Vinaigrette (with vegetarian option)

The anemic looking, plastic tub dwelling potato salads of my youth put a pervasive distain in my culinary soul for the union of the words “potato” and “salad.” It wasn’t until I found a non-mayo based version that I really started to see potential. While I’ve used sour cream, blue cheese dressing and even bacon […]

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Chocolate Stout Cherry Pie

  This is a baking PSA, a result of an ongoing panic attack I’ve been having since I turned my book into the publisher. I’ve been convinced that most people who attempt to make my Chocolate Stout Cake with Raspberry Chocolate Ganche won’t know there is a difference between weight ounces and fluid ounces, confuse […]

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Beer Battered Avocado Tacos with Fresh Corn Salsa

    Nothing in life should be qualified by what is left out. You shouldn’t stand in the warm, golden, tropical, sun, toes digging into the sand, asking where the snow is. You shouldn’t visit Machu Picchu and think, “It’s pretty good for a place that doesn’t have a mall.” Lazy Sunday afternoons spent reading Down […]

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Beer Marinated Flank Steak with Avocado Cilantro Cream Sauce

I’ve always enjoyed lower alcohol beers. Due in no small part to the fact that I can drink more and still be functional, for me, the goal is never to get hammered. After what seems like an eternity of ABV one-upmanship, brewers are also starting to offer fantastically well crafted beers on the lower end of the alcohol scale. Maybe […]

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New Orleans Barbecue Beer Shrimp

   There is a magic to sharing a dish of food with a group of people, it’s unifying. We can all have our separate plates, and play nice, but placing a big pot of food in the middle of a table seems to breaks down walls. For this same reason, I love those big sharable […]

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