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Golden Ale Beer Cocktail

Of all of the ways I’ve abused and manipulated a pint of beer on this blog, the only  means that have proved controversial have been those that involve mixing beer with other alochol. Like it or not, beer mixology is a growing trend. While purist maintain that the only appropriate thing to mix beer with […]

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Classic Glazed Beer Doughnuts

We need to chat, you and I. About the Cooking With Beer odyssey I’ve firmly placed myself on and the reasons, both practical and provocative, that I’ve remained such a Craft Beer Cooking Devotee. While I know that the reason you’re drawn to these brew-infused foods may just be the ability to lay down a […]

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Epic Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Bourbon Sour Cream Frosting

Although I may be shattering illusion with this admission, I don’t always cook with beer. I often create very sober meals with teetotaling side dishes, not a whisper of booze in sight. However, over the years of carving out a niche in this corner of Craft Beer Land, I have found that beer is an […]

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Italian Beer Bread Sticks & Tips for Beer and Food Pairing

  Before we jump in to my treasure trove of beer and food pairing tips, we need to dispel one myth: there are no rules. Drink what you  prefer and eat likewise. If YOU like it, it’s a good pairing, there are no hard and fast rules, just considerations and principles to keep in mind. […]

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Hoisin Stout Chicken Legs & What Are Hops?

Chances are, if you’ve spent anytime within stumbling distance of a Craft Beer Lover, you’ve heard the word “hops” thrown around like a rag doll. You may have been leery asking the “What are hops?” question for fear that you’ll be subjected to the mad beer-geek ramblings of your semi-inebriated friend. So, here I am […]

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Chocolate Stout Mousse Brownies and What The Heck Is A Stout?

Dark beers, with their inky good looks and sinister darkness have a way of scaring away those new to the brew. But what is a stout? and what makes it so dark? Don’t let the color fool you, these gentle giants offer a smooth, malty, drinkability with much lower hop bitterness than their lighter counterpoints. […]

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Beer Brined Scallops over Smokey Corn Puree and Stout Molasses Sauce

  While flavor may be a great go-to reason to cook with beer, don’t overlook the more practical applications of beer cooking. One of the cornerstones of Practical Beer Cooking is the inherent meat tenderizing properties of beer, making it the perfect brining liquid. While infusing the meat with flavor and uping the juiciness factor, […]

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Homemade Beer Mustard and Gateway Beers: Best Introductory Craft Beers

I’ve made mention of Gateway Beers before, beer that serves as an easy introduction to craft beer as well as offers a fine example of the flavor profiles available. Beer that eases the curious into the pool of craft beer flavor, while giving a preview of what’s to come once you decide to wind yourself […]

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Lemon Beer Dream Cake

As I type this, I stand firmly on the waining end of National IPA Day (August 1st).  With two different bottles of IPA rattling around in my bones, I blame all levels of grammatical inaccuracies and typos on higher than average ABV’s. IPA day was started by bloggers, with nothing to gain but promoting the […]

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