Beer Recipe Round Up for Thanksgiving

beer fodd thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because living in Los Angeles, gives it an entirely different vibe than your average American expereinces. Not just because of the typical 78 degree weather but because no one who lives in LA is from LA. Meaning, when it comes the holiday kick off pre-December meals, no one has family to go visit. I host almost every year, throwing together a last minute crowd of stragglers that’s been deemed Orphan Thanksgiving.

That gives me a table full of people, both good friends and near strangers, from all over the world that bring to the celebration a dish from their home culture and stories of holiday tables from their childhoods. The over indigence and gluttons fun always devolves into a night of playing poker, eating pie right out of the pan, and opening the good bottles of beer.

In honor of my favorite holiday, and the non traditional way I celebrate this communal feast, I’ve put together a round up of beer infused dishes, some are mine and some are others, but all would make a fantastic addition to your feast.

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