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Beer Fried Chicken

I’ve told you that in my Past Life Pre Blogging Existence I worked with gang kids in South Central LA. Like this kid, and this one. As a skinny, blonde haired, blue-eyed, 21-year-old, I didn’t exactly blend seamlessly into Compton and Watts. My  Stand Out appearance was obvious to me, but it was other oddities about […]

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Goat Cheese Crostini with Beer Pickled Jalapenos and Mangos

  I told you about the time I almost died in Morocco, and the time I was in Dublin without a place to stay during St. Patricks day, but what about the time I was stuck in the drug smuggling capitol of Spain? (As an aside, it bears mentioning that I apparently did little with […]

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Jelly Belly Makes Beer Jelly Bean

Beer Candy is a good sign. It’s a sign that these flavors we adore so much are so enjoyable to the mass market that they encourage large and successful companies to spend years developing those flavors into delicious non-alcoholic treats. It’s a win for the beer community. Recently Jelly Belly released a new flavor, Draft […]

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Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Tacos with Jalapeno Slaw

I’ve often been accused of going overboard. Of being one of those people who just does too much. But it’s all smoke and mirrors in a way. I’m not as organized or even as interesting as I’d like you to think. I leave dishes in the sink far too long, my pantry is a mess […]

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Chocolate Stout Pudding with Beer Whipped Cream

So I have this problem with comfort food. Or more, the problem is with me. I find comfort in odd foods. For most people it’s warm food, or crispy carby foods, or cheesy foods. For me, it’s cold food. Sushi is my comfort food. And cereal (don’t judge). And to make this even more strange, […]

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Bloody Hell: Blood Oranges, Jalapeno, Whiskey and Beer Cocktail

If there is anything that can lure me away from ordering a good beer, it’s a spicy cocktail. The heat in a fresh pepper and some whiskey will get me every time. Once blood orange season rolls around, I’m powerless. Blood oranges have a great flavor, part naval orange, part raspberry and the color is […]

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Chili Lime Beer Chicken

Girls are beasts. I played Powder Puff Football in college in the free safety position, all 115 lbs of me, and saw up close and personal the kind of rule breaking brutality one girl can throw at another. Maybe it’s years of being told to sit up straight and act like a good girl, but […]

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Beer Soaked Oven Fries

People have irrational culinary fears, I get it. Some people avoid recipes using yeast like they are circus clowns in a dark alley. Some people can’t wrap their brains around the idea of plunging food into hot oil without a spotter. I have an irrational fear of mall Santas so I get it, there are […]

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Mushroom Orzo and Stout Soup

Have I told you about the time I made a complete spectacle of myself on an international flight? It all started after I missed my perviously scheduled flight out of Spain, which is another story that involves churros and a bull fighting poster, and found myself in the middle of a sold out Madrid without […]

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Tomato Herb and Beer Poached Cod with Caramelized Fennel

I started this adventure masked as a blog just over two years ago. I decided when I first hit publish that this wasn’t a “let’s see how this goes” endeavor. This is was a full force, every piece of my life, both feet, all chips on the table undertaking. I was all in. My stack […]

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