Jackie Dodd’s beer infused recipes earned her a spot as a finalist for Saveur Magazines Best Original Recipes, 2014. She has been seen on The Today Show, Lifetime Network, CBS News, as well as interviewed in print publications such as Imbibe, Bite and The San Francisco Chronicle. She also writes for Parade Magazine, Draft Magazine and Whisk Magazine. She is also the author of The Craft Beer Cookbook and the forthcoming Craft Beer Bites Cookbook. 

Jackie Blogging

Over the years my fascination with beer has evolved into a fixation with creating recipes that highlight and magnify the flavors that Head Brewers spend so much time developing.  While creating recipes for The Beeroness™ I focus exclusively on craft brews, and have a love for local food and drink. After spending most of my life in Los Angeles, I’ve recently re-located to Seattle. Turning my love for “local” beer into anything along the West Coast.

I cook with beer, not for the novelty of it, but because beer has exceptional and complex flavors that should be explored and celebrated. I started The Beeroness after my search for recipes dedicated to the art of cooking with beer turned up very little. With a craft beer scene growing stronger every day, I feel extremely grateful to be small part of it. I hope you find a recipe that you fall in love with, or a new beer that you can’t wait to try.

Jackie Dodd

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