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Bloody Hell: Blood Oranges, Jalapeno, Whiskey and Beer Cocktail

If there is anything that can lure me away from ordering a good beer, it’s a spicy cocktail. The heat in a fresh pepper and some whiskey will get me every time. Once blood orange season rolls around, I’m powerless. Blood oranges have a great flavor, part naval orange, part raspberry and the color is […]

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Orange Brewlius

Can I be dramatic for a second? And not in that I Almost Died in Morocco story kind of way, this is more the twisted inner workings of Jackie kind of way. It’ll only take a second. I sleep about as well as homeless prostitute (that’s bad, by the way). If I can fall asleep, it’s […]

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Golden Ale Beer Cocktail

Of all of the ways I’ve abused and manipulated a pint of beer on this blog, the only  means that have proved controversial have been those that involve mixing beer with other alochol. Like it or not, beer mixology is a growing trend. While purist maintain that the only appropriate thing to mix beer with […]

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Beer Sangria

The first cocktail ever invented was a beer cocktail. Although the term cocktail will need to be defined as “a beverage made by mixing two or more alcoholic liquids” to come to that conclusion, and legions of cocktail snobs will stand up to debate that with me, I firmly defend the beer cocktail as being […]

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Stout Hot Chocolate with Stout Whipped Cream

I was interviewed by a baking magazine a few weeks ago, because apparently I am the foremost expert on cooking with beer. This was the second interview I’ve done on the subject for a print magazine. One question always gets asked, so I figure some of you might have this same question: “Does the alcohol […]

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The Dirty Girl Scout: Chocolate Mint Beer Float

  This isn’t a recipe. Not really, it’s more like assembly instructions for how to make a float that tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint, but with beer. Boozy, chocolatey, minty. But there really isn’t a recipe involved. Add more ice cream if that’s what you like. Add more beer, if that suits you. […]

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Brewed Mary: Beer Bloody Mary

  No offense to vodka, but a Bloody Mary just tastes better with beer. And an IPA is the inarguable choice for a Brewed Mary. I am, for the most part, a live and let live person. Happy to let your differing opinions thrive right along side mine. There are recipe choices that I would […]

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Strawberry Beer Lemonade

Summer is almost here. Barbecues, lazy afternoons on the porch swing, long days at the beach, music and card games on the patio until dawn. I realize that a fridge full of craft beer doesn’t always please the masses, but I do want to impart those flavors that are so beautiful anyone can enjoy them, […]

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