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Blackberry Beer Breakfast Muffins

 Blackberry Beer Breakfast Muffins  A few years ago I spent a week in Ireland, at a hostel at the base of the Guinness brewery. Somewhere near 9am I wandered into a nearby restaurant that was much more pub than grub. At the bar was a bit of a surly local, just him and me. I […]

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Beer Crepes with Beer Caramelized Apples

  (This post contains affiliate links) Let’s just say that you want to dive into the world of craft beer. Or even that you’re curious enough that you just want to know bit more. Or maybe you’re just as much of a geek as I am and you just like to know stuff. Let’s also […]

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Miniature Coffee Stout Cinnamon Rolls

No matter how great beer is in meat recipes, bread will always be it’s culinary kindred spirit. Because the heart and soul of bread and beer is the same: yeast. The beast that gives us beer, also gives us beer. A few months ago I was interviewing a brewer at an LA brewery who told […]

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Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

  I have this idea that breakfast is a mark for true culinary hospitality. It’s much more intimate than dinner, it’s more vulnerable in a way. You’ve had dinner with hundreds of people, but how many people have you had breakfast with? How many times have you made breakfast for someone? How often do you […]

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New York Beer Crumb Cake Muffins

A few years ago I’d had this unfortunate idea that a red eye from LAX to JFK was a great plan. I boarded a plane around 10pm in Los Angeles, alongside a 747 full of business travelers headed for jittery East Coast morning meetings. It wasn’t so much that I irrationally figured that I could […]

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Orange Cherry Beer Muffins

  These aren’t just muffins. They are two forms of quiet rebellion. First, it’s beer for breakfast. And unless you’re having a brunch mimosa or in the general vicinity of Las Vegas, breakfast booze is generally frowned upon. Second, lets be honest, muffins are basically just cupcakes. But you and me, we’re different. We aren’t […]

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Buttermilk Beer Pancakes & How to Make Super Fluffy Pancakes

  Pancakes are my first food memory. I’m one of 8 kids (all girls, wrap your head around that) and one of  about 27 cousins (I don’t even know the actual number) which made alone time with my grandparents really special. The spring after I turned 4, I spent a Saturday night in a My […]

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Rosemary Beer Biscuits with Stout Sausage Gravy

Let’s pretend for a second that you’ve never had biscuits and gravy. Like you’ve never sat in good company at a crappy diner in a small town eating sub par biscuits and gravy washing it down with shitty coffee like it’s the best breakfast you’ve ever had. Like you’ve never had someones grandma make them […]

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Pumpkin Ale Muffins with Graham Cracker Streusel Topping

Don’t judge me for this. It’s obligatory. After all, I am a blogger, and it is pumpkin season. And as the beer-food blogging hybrid beast that I am, pumpkin season means two things. First, there is the food blog trend of Pumpkin All The Things that I must participate in. Second, there are the most […]

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Classic Glazed Beer Doughnuts

We need to chat, you and I. About the Cooking With Beer odyssey I’ve firmly placed myself on and the reasons, both practical and provocative, that I’ve remained such a Craft Beer Cooking Devotee. While I know that the reason you’re drawn to these brew-infused foods may just be the ability to lay down a […]

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