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Beer Candied Bacon Bark and Craft Beer Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Beer Candied Bacon Dark Chocolate Bark plus Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers  If you were to ask me about the best gift I’ve ever been given it’d take me a while to come up with the answer. I’m always uncomfortable getting gifts, awkwardly opening them as the giver waits for the expected reaction. Giving them, […]

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Beer Meringue Cookies

You and I need to talk about Barleywine for a second. First, it’s not wine, It’s very much a beer, one that happens to be perfect this time of year. It’s a strong beer, with an ABV (alcohol by volume) that’s usually north of 10%. Generally sold in the larger 22 ounce bottles that promote […]

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No Bake Cream Cheese Caramel Pumpkin Ale Pie

No Bake Cream Cheese Caramel Pumpkin Ale Pie. Free up that oven space with the easy, delicious make-ahead pie!   The end of the year is a bit like dessert. The holidays are our reward for what we’ve endured, both the exceptional and the atrocious. Even the weather has turned it’s back on us, forcing us […]

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Chocolate Porter Mousse Tart with Potato Chip Crust

 Chocolate Porter Mousse Tart with Potato Chip Crust. POTATO CHIP CRUST!! #chocolate #beer #recipe You already know the kind of tricks I play over here. You know that I add salty things to sweet things more often than not. You know that pretzels have been a favorite, as is bacon. But I’ve moved on, or […]

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Gingerbread Ale Pudding with Beer Whipped Cream & Fall Beers for Non-Pumpkin People

Gingerbread Ale Pudding with Beer Whipped Cream & Fall Beers for Non-Pumpkin People     By the time October rolls around, Pumpkin ALL The Things has hit it’s crescendo.  Pumpkin beer lists have been made, all the Top Ten have been analyzed and disputed, and frankly, most of us have pumpkin weary palates. Thankfully there is a mountain […]

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Pretzel Crusted Chocolate Beer Fudge Cookies

I’ve never really been the girl with the sweet tooth. I’ve had a meat tooth. A salt tooth. A beer tooth. I could eat my weight in guacamole or tater tots and it takes a small act of God to get me to stop eating sushi. But sweets don’t give me the mad rabid cravings […]

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Caramel Apple Brown Ale Cake

    I was once asked to write a piece about apples for a print magazine. Seems easy enough, I did grow up on a farm flanked by apple orchards.  But here’s the problem, I tend to be a bit opinionated about certain things. Most issues bring out a very “live and let live” spirt to […]

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Pumpkin Porter Beer Brownies Sundaes

Pumpkin things are upon us. Of course we have those pumpkin spice lattes that the weather is far too warm to warrant, and the overly orange plastic pumpkins that Target is trying to push on us, but it’s the beer that gets me most excited. It can be a triple digit August afternoon when a […]

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Chocolate Stout Caramel Tart with Pretzel Crust

  I was stuck in an elevator once. I was in college, on my way to a job interview. The elevator was supposed to deposit me on the 9th floor a perfect 6 minutes before my interview time. But somewhere between the 4th and 5th floor, the elevator jolted to a stop, the doors slightly […]

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Blackberry Beer Pie Bars

I’m good at things, probably more things than I should be good at given the fact that I ignore these irrelevant gifts. I can dance salsa, I have an exaggerated ability to fold fitted sheets, I can draw cartoons, I can get grocery store clerks to admit embarrassing secrets, and I make the worlds best chocolate […]

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