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Drunk Shrimp Diablo

  I have a confession to make. I’ve been hiding my Instagram account from you under a different name. I changed my Instagram name to The Beeroness last week after I realized that you want to see my life. This is the hang up for me, the part that’s so hard to wrap my brain […]

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Bloody Hell: Blood Oranges, Jalapeno, Whiskey and Beer Cocktail

If there is anything that can lure me away from ordering a good beer, it’s a spicy cocktail. The heat in a fresh pepper and some whiskey will get me every time. Once blood orange season rolls around, I’m powerless. Blood oranges have a great flavor, part naval orange, part raspberry and the color is […]

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Beer and Bacon Dip

This is a cheap ploy. Using both beer and bacon in a dip to get your attention. It’s like a video of Christopher Walken volunteering as Tribute, or a list of the The Things You HAVE to Know By The Time You’re 30, or those UpWorthy videos that Facebook always tells you are a Must […]

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Spinach Artichoke Beer Cheese Crostini

This is necessary. Putting dip on bread. Serving it on a silver platter. Acting fancy. It’s the same amalgamation of ingredients as that dip you serve in that Pyrex bowl surrounded by bread slices, relatively similar process, but the result is the ability to use the Italian word for “little toast” whilst talking about beer […]

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Duck Confit on IPA Potato Cakes with Stout Pomegranate Sauce

 What the hell does Confit mean, anyway? The culinary world is full of high brow words that can be used to dazzle and confuse the mainstream masses, that in reality just define simple principles. Charcuterie? Just a meat plate. Crutites? Just raw vegetables. Braise? Sear in hot pan then cook slow and low in liquid. […]

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Pale Ale Pie Dough & And How to Make and Freeze it For Later

  It’s pie time. And I hope you won’t hold this against me but I’m about to give you a pie dough lecture. About that store bought crust you use. And how you have to stop. For the love of Good Beer, stop it. Here’s why, hold tight, I’m about to change your pre-made-pie-dough buying […]

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Potato, Porter Caramelized Onions & Beer Goat Cheese Tart

Why beer? I’ve been asked a lot of questions about why I’ve tried so feverishly to squeeze myself into this world. After all, there are a lot of ingredients that make great culinary obsessions. So, why beer? To explain that, we’ll have to talk about collaboration. Craft beer is the only major market that does […]

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Beer Cheese Skillet Potatoes

I’m on a book tour as I write this, traveling the West Coast somewhere between Mexico and Canada, hopping my way from brewery to brewery. Nothing like a good old fashion beer pilgrimage to inspired patriotism and re-ignite the wander lust in my gypsy soul. From the back woods of wine country, to small towns […]

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Garlic Beer Cheese Rolls

      My book tour kicks off in a few days and one of my first stops is at Bear Republic, one of my favorite California breweries. On October 10th, from 6:30 to 8:30 I’ll be at the pub in Healdsburg hanging out, signing books, hoping to meet some of you and gleefully consuming […]

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Homemade Beer Mustard and Gateway Beers: Best Introductory Craft Beers

I’ve made mention of Gateway Beers before, beer that serves as an easy introduction to craft beer as well as offers a fine example of the flavor profiles available. Beer that eases the curious into the pool of craft beer flavor, while giving a preview of what’s to come once you decide to wind yourself […]

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