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Coconut Cake with Pale Ale Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

  Beer and fruit have a bit of a sordid past. From the ill-advised orange slice served on the side of a hefeweizen, to the cringe inducing Bud Light Lime.  Thankfully, plenty of remarkable unions have a sordid pasts. Beer and fruit just needed a few takes to get it right. The current state of beer and […]

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Frozen Beer Soaked Watermelon

Summer beers have arrive, filling the shelves of our bottle shops with pale ambiguous summer refreshment. If you’re new to beer, these labels can be a bit confusing due to the comprehensive lack of cohesion with the title: summer ale. Some have a beautiful bitter hop bite, some have a nice malty flavor, some are […]

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Grilled BBQ Beer Chicken and Apricot Flatbreads

  Let’s say you and I get into it over pizza. We hash it out over the best pizza we’ve ever had. We talk about Naples, and LA, and both agree that New York beats Chicago, unless you want a casserole, then Chicago pizza will do. And then I tell you that the best Ray’s […]

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Lemon Parmesan Beer Asparagus

I’m writing this from a hotel room 26 floors above the Las Vegas strip. I’m nearing the end of the second day of the Saveur Magazine Best Food Blog Awards party and the feeling of gratefulness is still growing. The fact that such an important food magazine recognized what I’m doing as Best of the […]

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Peaches and Cream Ale Pie

  Cream ales found their way into the American beer system during prohibition, an ironic time for many great alcoholic beverages to have gotten their start. The name is a bit misleading, cream isn’t involved in the brewing process, but the taste is smooth and even a bit creamy which is where the name comes […]

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Creamy White Bean Beer Cheese Dip

Let’s talk for a few minutes about why this is such a great idea. First, you can add beer. And the ability to add beer is always a plus. And let’s be honest, being able to pump out a beer infused dip in just a few minutes without turning on your oven is always a […]

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Beer Crepes with Beer Caramelized Apples

  (This post contains affiliate links) Let’s just say that you want to dive into the world of craft beer. Or even that you’re curious enough that you just want to know bit more. Or maybe you’re just as much of a geek as I am and you just like to know stuff. Let’s also […]

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Grilled Beer Soaked Rosemary Potatoes (with a grill or without)

I’m not crazy. There is an actually practical reason to soak your potatoes in a beer brine before they hit the grill.  Potatoes are mostly water, held in by the starch. Using the water extracting powder of salt you can help remove the water and give your potatoes a crispier outside with a creamy middle […]

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Grilled Angel Food Cake with Beer Macerated Strawberries

I’d give up most of the cooking equipment in my house in exchange for my grill. I went two years without one and once I bit the bullet and bought a new one, even I’m amazed at the sheer magnitude of food that can grilled. Clearly cake is a good illustration of that. But I’m […]

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Yogurt and Beer Marinated Chicken Skewers

  I’ve decided that the grill is officially open. Regardless of the weather, regardless of the time constraints, regardless of the lack of Meats on Sticks occasions in my near future. The grill needs to be open. Maybe it’s the catastrophic levels of stress in my life right now, maybe it’s my severe vitamin D […]

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