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Beer Brined Scallops over Spinach Salad With Bacon Stout Dressing

If you’re going to make me a salad, it better be a damn good salad. After all, you’re asking me to skip carbs and satisfying fried finger foods, I might resent you if it isn’t a really good salad. Bacon is a good start, and so is beer. Scallops are a fan favorite as well. […]

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Creamy White Bean Beer Cheese Dip

Let’s talk for a few minutes about why this is such a great idea. First, you can add beer. And the ability to add beer is always a plus. And let’s be honest, being able to pump out a beer infused dip in just a few minutes without turning on your oven is always a […]

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Salted Beer Caramel Sauce plus 5 More Edible Homemade Beer Gifts

‘Tis the Season. To drink too much, eat too much and blame it all on seasonally appropriate Holiday Cheer.  I can get behind that, excess seems to agree with me. And while we’re at it, DIY’ing a few holiday gifts infused with beer is another great excuse to break into that beer stash. After all […]

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Roasted Broccoli with Beer Cheese Sauce

Leave it to me to take a perfectly healthy and delicious side dish, like roasted broccoli, and pour a bunch of cheese and beer all over it, effectively negating most of the health benefits. But really, it’s for your own good. There’s a good chance you’re sitting there planning a menu, a Turkey centric, end […]

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Homemade Beer Mustard and Gateway Beers: Best Introductory Craft Beers

I’ve made mention of Gateway Beers before, beer that serves as an easy introduction to craft beer as well as offers a fine example of the flavor profiles available. Beer that eases the curious into the pool of craft beer flavor, while giving a preview of what’s to come once you decide to wind yourself […]

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Grilled Romaine Salad with IPA Caesar Dressing

In the world of salad dressing, there isn’t a more fiercely debated member than Caesar. Some swear that the only way to make it is by hand, table side, others claim blasphemy if not strictly adhering to the original recipe, invited in the 1920’s in Tijuana Mexico by Caesar Cardini, while some insist that it’s […]

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Warm Duck Fat Roasted Potato Salad with IPA Mustard Vinaigrette (with vegetarian option)

The anemic looking, plastic tub dwelling potato salads of my youth put a pervasive distain in my culinary soul for the union of the words “potato” and “salad.” It wasn’t until I found a non-mayo based version that I really started to see potential. While I’ve used sour cream, blue cheese dressing and even bacon […]

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Foolproof Beer Cheese Sauce

To be honest, this post is one hundred percent selfish. Since Friday, I haven’t been able to stop watching the news or reading every bit of online news about the recent tragedy. Therefore, the tears are pretty much a mainstay in my life.   And in my emotionally fragile state, I can’t handle a beer […]

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Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Beer Sauce

    Today is November 6th, Election Day. As Americans spend the day thinking of little else, wedged firmly between Barack and a hard place, I wanted to give you a little motivation to get through this day. We will soon find ourselves at the end of this exhausting Election Season, our feelings of separatism […]

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Beer Chicken Piccata

Here it is, just like I promised. Beer Chicken Piccata, to go with those beer noodles I made. The first time I ever had Piccata I was a completely broke college student traveling through Italy. And it was cheap. It turned out to be one of the most memorable dishes I had on that trip, […]

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