Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle Lime Crema

  There are a few things you don’t realize you’re giving up when you leave LA. You know you’ll miss the weather, the sunny winter days spent sun bathing on the beach, the fact that every band always has a tour stop in your town, and the unlimited Girls Night Out options. But no one […]

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Roasted Duck Legs with Porter Cherry Sauce

I didn’t grow up in a cooking household. With two working parents and seven sisters it was more of a defrost and feed the masses situation. It was culinary triage every day. I never saw a head of garlic, or a homemade cake, or real whipped cream my entire childhood. The focus was on feeding […]

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New York Beer Crumb Cake Muffins

A few years ago I’d had this unfortunate idea that a red eye from LAX to JFK was a great plan. I boarded a plane around 10pm in Los Angeles, alongside a 747 full of business travelers headed for jittery East Coast morning meetings. It wasn’t so much that I irrationally figured that I could […]

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Blueberry Cider Skillet Pie with Lime Basil Whipped Cream

I’ve learned a few things in the handful of days I’ve lived in Seattle. People here drive like nice, sane, humans. Unfortunately I’ve been conditioned by the LA freeways to drive like a pissed off asshole. I’ve been driving in LA since I was a teenager. I need to learn to drive like a sane […]

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Irish Red Ale Butternut Squash Soup with Goat Cheese and Pomegranate

When you write a cookbook, you fall in love with some of the recipe. You don’t love them all the same, you don’t even remember them all the same. Recipes aren’t like children, you’re completely allowed to have favorites. When I wrote The Craft Beer Cookbook, there were a few recipes I immediately feel love […]

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IPA Crab Salad Sliders with Apple Daikon Slaw

There are some rules to Party Food. Not a lot, just a few. After all, parties are about lack of restrictions.  First, there needs to be a bit of portability involved. One hand, no utensils type of portability. If you’ve every tried to navigate the consumption of food that requires a knife and fork while […]

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Beer Marshmallows with Chocolate Mint Beer Sauce

I told you last year that I wouldn’t further assault you with tales of my trip to Ireland for Saint Patricks day, until it was close to Saint Patricks Day. But here we are, just a week away. So I’ll force another story of Ireland down your throat. But I made you some beer marshmallows, so I […]

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Molasses Stout Glazed Salmon with Herb IPA Mashed Potatoes

No matter how often you move, there are things that you forget. Every time. You forget that you won’t know which drawer to put Sharpie markers and batteries in (they always end up in the same drawer), you’ll turn to grab the knife from where is “used to be,” you won’t know where the Target […]

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Stout Soaked Mushrooms and Herbed Goat Cheese Crostinis

Photos from my Instagram account  I made it. From LA to Seattle, up Highway 1. Past fat lazy seals, miles of winding coastlines, epic Redwoods, and into an unusually sunny Seattle. Although the sun has now given way to the typical rain, it’s somehow comforting. Although figuring out how to wield a camera in low […]

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Blood Orange Beer Pound Cake

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in a little part of East LA called Silverlake. Near the house that’s no longer my home. All of my belongings, except an oversized suitcase and some beer, are packed tightly into a moving truck somewhere along the West Coast. It occurs to me that I don’t really live […]

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