Duck Confit on IPA Potato Cakes with Stout Pomegranate Sauce

 What the hell does Confit mean, anyway? The culinary world is full of high brow words that can be used to dazzle and confuse the mainstream masses, that in reality just define simple principles. Charcuterie? Just a meat plate. Crutites? Just raw vegetables. Braise? Sear in hot pan then cook slow and low in liquid. […]

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Orange Brewlius

Can I be dramatic for a second? And not in that I Almost Died in Morocco story kind of way, this is more the twisted inner workings of Jackie kind of way. It’ll only take a second. I sleep about as well as homeless prostitute (that’s bad, by the way). If I can fall asleep, it’s […]

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Beer Recipe Round Up for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because living in Los Angeles, gives it an entirely different vibe than your average American expereinces. Not just because of the typical 78 degree weather but because no one who lives in LA is from LA. Meaning, when it comes the holiday kick off pre-December meals, no one has […]

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French Mushroom Stout Cheddar Soup

Let’s pretend this didn’t happen. Like I didn’t put beer in your soup again. Like I didn’t just take this soup that I love so much, change up a few ingredients and pretend like it’s an entirely new guy. Let’s pretend like I’m more creative than that. Shall we? Even though this is a closely […]

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Bruleed Pumpkin Beer Pie

  I know what you’re thinking. You think that I put a Pumpkin Ale in that pie. It’s a fair assumption, and not a bad route to take when beerifying (that’s a word) a pumpkin pie. Sure, you can use that. Go ahead, be my beer-cookin’ guest, it’s not a bad choice. But for this […]

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Pale Ale Pie Dough & And How to Make and Freeze it For Later

  It’s pie time. And I hope you won’t hold this against me but I’m about to give you a pie dough lecture. About that store bought crust you use. And how you have to stop. For the love of Good Beer, stop it. Here’s why, hold tight, I’m about to change your pre-made-pie-dough buying […]

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Roasted Broccoli with Beer Cheese Sauce

Leave it to me to take a perfectly healthy and delicious side dish, like roasted broccoli, and pour a bunch of cheese and beer all over it, effectively negating most of the health benefits. But really, it’s for your own good. There’s a good chance you’re sitting there planning a menu, a Turkey centric, end […]

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Beer Cheese Corn Spoon Bread & How To Throw a Craft Beer Thanksgiving

As we fly through the fall, hurdling towards the holiday season, our first major stop will be the festival of glutton that I love so much.  While many of you will show up to your respective Thanksgiving feasts bearing bottles of wine, craft beer has earned a spot in America’s Favorite Meal. But there is […]

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Stout French Onion Soup

French onion soup was Julia Childs last meal. Seems fitting for a woman known for French classics. And who wants to mess with a classic dish that America’s Culinary Grandma chose as her last meal? Me. That’s who. Although I do like to stick to classic methods when it comes to cooking this warm bowl […]

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Slow Cooker Beer and Brown Sugar Pulled Chicken Sliders

For all of the FanBoy love that seems to be sent to the Slow Cooker, it’s my least favorite way to produce a meal. Flavors tend to muddy, its hard to develop layers of flavor, and this culinary contraption seems to render a thinking cook obsolete: dump it in and turn it on. Meat seems […]

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