Roasted Asparagus with Beer Béarnaise Sauce

I’m living in a maze of boxes that seem to push up from the ground like stalagmites in a mid century modern cave. The move is just a week away, starting with a meandering drive up Highway 1 with my fat lazy bulldog. And still, it doesn’t seem real. The 78 degree days, don’t feel like […]

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White Bean White Ale and Ham Soup

Most of the phases of life we live fade in a way that we don’t really know the exact moment it ends. We don’t always  know the day we stopped being children or the moment we fell out of love, or the day a big friendships started to drift away. With moving, you know. You […]

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Hello Seattle + Spicy Steamed Mussels in Beer

  Photos in this post were taken in Seattle with vintage Polaroid cameras by my  incredibly talented sister Kim van Groos  Check out her Flickr, it’s very impressive.   I told you last week that I’m in the process of saying goodbye to Los Angeles. A process made easier by the fact that it will […]

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Goodbye Los Angeles + Avocado Wit Beer Alfredo

The photos in this post  were taken with a vintage film camera in or around Los Angeles over the past 10 years. I took them with a 1965 Nikon F (excluding the pasta photos) Los Angeles has become a part of me, imbedded itself into my soul and grew me into the person I have become. […]

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Chocolate Porter Berry Cobblers

There is this way that I make food that I can only really see in retrospect as a mirror to how I’m feeling. Messy food means that I’ve wandered into internal chaos. It’s OK, there are much less healthy ways of dealing with emotions than the culinary mood ring that my kitchen becomes. There are […]

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Drunk Shrimp Diablo

  I have a confession to make. I’ve been hiding my Instagram account from you under a different name. I changed my Instagram name to The Beeroness last week after I realized that you want to see my life. This is the hang up for me, the part that’s so hard to wrap my brain […]

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Beer Fried Chicken

I’ve told you that in my Past Life Pre Blogging Existence I worked with gang kids in South Central LA. Like this kid, and this one. As a skinny, blonde haired, blue-eyed, 21-year-old, I didn’t exactly blend seamlessly into Compton and Watts. My  Stand Out appearance was obvious to me, but it was other oddities about […]

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Goat Cheese Crostini with Beer Pickled Jalapenos and Mangos

  I told you about the time I almost died in Morocco, and the time I was in Dublin without a place to stay during St. Patricks day, but what about the time I was stuck in the drug smuggling capitol of Spain? (As an aside, it bears mentioning that I apparently did little with […]

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Jelly Belly Makes Beer Jelly Bean

Beer Candy is a good sign. It’s a sign that these flavors we adore so much are so enjoyable to the mass market that they encourage large and successful companies to spend years developing those flavors into delicious non-alcoholic treats. It’s a win for the beer community. Recently Jelly Belly released a new flavor, Draft […]

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Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Tacos with Jalapeno Slaw

I’ve often been accused of going overboard. Of being one of those people who just does too much. But it’s all smoke and mirrors in a way. I’m not as organized or even as interesting as I’d like you to think. I leave dishes in the sink far too long, my pantry is a mess […]

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