The Craft Beer Cookbook


The Craft Beer Cookbook: 100 Artisan Recipes for Cooking with Craft Beer is currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters.

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The book is also sold in countries outside the USA through Amazon, including FranceGermany and the United Kingdom.

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Beer Book Recipe 5  (This recipes is going in the book)

I wrote a cookbook with 100 new recipes, all prominently featuring beer. I’m very proud of what I created in my little kitchen, with few dozen pans and a few hundred pints. I photographed it as well, hoping to lure you into making more than one of these dishes.

Beer Book Recipe1 (Yep, this one too)

It’s my love letter to the beer world. I don’t brew, but I drink, I love, I appreciate and I celebrate what brewers everywhere do. It’s my Thank You card, in a way, to those who spend years crafting the best beers, the ones we talk about, seek out and can’t wait to share.

The book has everything from appetizer to desserts, vegan to carnivore, quick and easy to long Sunday Suppers. I hope you find a recipes you love, ones that are easy, and ones that challenge you. Most of all, I hope you find recipes that you just can wait to share with a few friends over a few pints.

(This one? Yes, this one too)